Established in 2015, we are the only market linkage for Somali seafood to the large and rapidly growing Ethiopian market. Our supply chain starts off the coast of Somalia and end ups with retail markets in Ethiopia and is composed of a network of fishermen’s cooperatives, distributors, transporters, and our own branded retailers


Our mission is to  develop a vibrant fish processing and export business focusing on East Africa, Middle East and beyond. 

Yustan is run by an  experienced management team that maintain effective risk management and compliance practices,.


Our guiding principle is the continued assurance of quality, service, pricing and punctual delivery of premium seafood products. According to the FAO, the only fish stocks in the world that are actually “underfished” are in off Somalia’s coast. By working closely with our suppliers to ensure sustainable fishing practices our business sets the stage for the development of an ethical fishing sector.  

Somali waters have the potential to support some of the most productive fisheries in the world. Yet, the domestic fishing sector in Somalia is relatively small.
— "Securing Somali Fisheries" One Earth Future Foundation


  • Creating job opportunities in Somalia and Ethiopia by providing a ready market for abundant Somali sea-food.
  • Working with fishing cooperatives in Somaliland, Puntland, and South Central Somalia to ensure fair pricing for fishermen.
  • Work closely with  stakeholders to increase entrepreneurship opportunities for Ethiopians.
  • Improving access to equipment and technical skills to ensure high-value catches for fishers.
  • Collaborating with Somali stakeholders to ensure increased investment in renewable energy, processing and cold storage(ice-making/freezing).
  •  Widespread adoption of quality standards and international safety and sanitary certifications that would be necessary for export certifications